What happens when the body when you need to do a home pregnancy kit

What happens when the body when you need to do a home pregnancy kit
For some women, nausea or vomiting started early, and this is a sign of early pregnancy. This usually starts when you are 6 weeks pregnant. It may just be nauseous, but it may also include vomiting, although its name may occur during the day or night at any time.
Headache - You may start a headache early in pregnancy. This is due to a sudden increase in hormones in your body.
Darkening of the skin around the nipple - Another common early pregnancy sign is that the skin around the nipple (areola) gets darker and darker. You will also find the nipple will erect, the lumps around the nipple will become more apparent.
Desire or disgust with food - it is possible that you may be intimidated by certain foods, especially if you feel nauseous in morning sickness! However, you may also find that in the early stages of your pregnancy you will develop certain food (perhaps strange food).
First of all, you have to decide if you are pregnant or not. The best way is to do a "mothers" test. Need to visit your doctor or buy a home test kit from your home pregnancy kit.
When you are pregnant, your pregnant hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), will show up in your urine, so try not to prematurely test it. Your first test may be negative, but if you are showing early signs of early pregnancy and your menstruation has not yet come, you should try again in a few days to confirm.



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