Test with home pregnancy kit showed weakly positive, in the end not pregnant?

In general, using home pregnancy kit to test for pregnancy will detect two results: negative, indicating no pregnancy; the other hand, positive, indicating that the pregnancy has been. A kind of situation should pay attention to, if there is a deep and shallow condition in early pregnancy test strips, it is clinically called weakly positive performance, at this moment, we should highly consider the possibility of pregnancy.
Why is it not accurate?
Early pregnancy test paper weak positive, if the pregnancy has just begun, or the possibility of ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), HCG levels in general low detection of samples to be allowed to stand for 3 minutes or more, and must carefully identify the pregnancy test strips are weakly positive, Detection zone ribbons only appear faintly. 3 months after pregnancy, HCG levels decreased, pregnancy test strip test sometimes negative, or early pregnancy test paper weak positive; positive result does not mean that one hundred percent pregnancy.
Weak positive how to do?
Early pregnancy test paper weak positive, women of childbearing age menopause or suspicion of pregnancy, do not rely on an early pregnancy test paper to determine whether they are pregnant. To be on the safe side, you can test again in 3 days. Of course, the most reliable or timely to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, especially weak positive, in order to take early measures.
Cause of the disease
Weak positive pregnancy test paper does not mean that one hundred percent pregnancy. Because some tumor cells such as hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma, bronchial cancer and kidney cancer, but also can secrete HCG. We also encountered HCG test positive in patients with endometrial hyperplasia
Weak positive pregnancy test paper can not rule out the possibility of no pregnancy, premenstrual pregnancy test paper weak Yang, seen a lot in the clinic. If you are worried about, usually over the menstrual period of about 5 days, the first urine test strips and then the first test, if this time there is still a weak morning sickness test paper, 90% of pregnancy may be. If you do not worry at this time can go to the hospital to do b-ultrasound to confirm.
Improper operation
Early pregnancy test paper has been weak Yang may also be caused by improper use of early pregnancy test strips, if you confirm that your operation is accurate, weak pregnancy test paper may be the beginning of pregnancy, HCG levels in general low detection samples to be allowed to stand for more than 3 minutes, And must be carefully identified early pregnancy test strips are weak Yang, the detection zone only faint ribbons.

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