one test pregnancy test is accurate

one test pregnancy test is accurate
In general, with one test pregnancy test paper can measure whether the pregnancy, but in the observation paper appears, we must pay attention to the following points:
1. To test whether pregnancy, in order to improve its accuracy, use the morning morning urine to test.
2. Although sometimes it seems negative reaction, but still in the light of the place to re-determine, because it was not pregnant soon, the second reaction line is not very obvious. Very light, do not look carefully can easily be overlooked.
3. If the test strip to determine if there is no positive reaction, after a week without vacation, be sure to go to a regular hospital, after all, the accuracy of the test paper is not 100% ah, there is the exclusion of gynecological diseases, The result is not to leave.
Your menstruation has 50 days, or quickly go to the hospital to check it, early to make conclusions, arranged early. If you do not need this child, quickly go out to do, otherwise drag a long time on the trouble. The best time for people

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