one test pregnancy test detection principle

one test pregnancy test detection principle
One, one test pregnancy test test principle
Human chorionic gonadotropin detection reagent (colloidal gold method), double antibody sandwich one-step technique to colloidal gold as an indicator to detect HCG concentration in urine, the minimum detectable amount of this product is 25mIU / mL, and hTSH, hFSH, hLH no cross-reaction, usually in the period of one day after the pregnancy, the earliest menstrual 3-4 days before you can detect
  Second, one test pregnancy test reagent
Single bar: 100 copies / box
  Third, one test pregnancy test test method
1. Remove the test strip from the original packaging
2. Insert the test strip into the urine specimen in the direction of the arrow.
3. After at least 5 seconds, remove and lay flat on a clean and level surface to wait for judgment result.
4. Wait for the appearance of purple bands, the test results should be interpreted in 3 minutes, 10 minutes after the sentence is invalid.
Fourth, one test pregnancy test result interpretation
1. Positive: (+) Two magenta bands appear, one in the test zone (T) and the other in the control zone (C). That has been pregnant.
2. Negative: (-) Only a fuchsine band appeared in the control area (C) and no fuchsin band appeared in the test area (T). That is not pregnant.
3. Invalid: The control zone (C) does not appear purple band, indicating that the incorrect operation or deterioration of the reagent damage. In this case, read the instructions again and retest with new reagents.

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