home pregnancy kit weak positive test paper how to judge

home pregnancy kit weak positive test paper how to judge
Women are used to going to the hospital for examination when they are pregnant, but now with the development of medical technology, there are more and more women
Check your pregnancy test paper at home to see if you are pregnant. Although pregnancy tests for pregnancy tests are simple, not all are
home pregnancy kit Tell you how to tell if you are pregnant?
1, there are two red lines. If there are two magenta on the test strip, the test area is clear. Is positive
Performance has been pregnant
2, only one red line. Control line C only purple line, test area T no purple zone, is negative,
That is not pregnant
3, there is a deep shallow. In the test area T, the indication is shallower and the color in control line C is dark, indicating a weakly positive phenomenon.
This may be pregnancy.
4, pregnancy test no red line. The new pregnancy test strip is not even 2 dollars that is relatively poor, but there is no purple problem
The red band, which may be you incorrect or really may be a pregnancy test strip problem.
As shown in FIG. 5, another case is that if only the test area T is displayed and the control line C is not displayed, it means that the result is invalid.
6, invalid: test results in about 5 minutes to view, so be sure to check at any time within 5 minutes, over time is very
Approved. If more than 5 minutes show, it may be invalid test or failure.


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