home pregnancy kit to tell you pregnancy test two lines may also be cancer!

home pregnancy kit to tell you pregnancy test two lines may also be cancer!
Pregnancy test using pregnancy test paper, simple and quick, if used correctly, the accuracy of up to -98%. Pregnancy test strips are used as follows:
1, with a clean, dry container to collect urine (preferably the first urine in the morning);
2. Dip the end of the pregnancy test strip into the container marked with an arrow and flush it with urine for 3-5 seconds. Observe the result within 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
3, only shows a red line is negative, indicating that there is no pregnancy; showing a superficial depth of two may be pregnant or just pregnant red line, the next day need to check again with morning urine, showing two very obvious red line is positive, that Is pregnant.
The home Pregnancy Kit tells you that you need to know that some of the tumor cells, such as hydatidiform mole, bronchial cancer and kidney cancer, also make the test positive for both bars. So the safest and most reliable way is to go to the hospital to do a comprehensive inspection.
Pregnancy test strips generally can be purchased at pharmacies or adult products stores, the price ranged from 1 to 20 yuan pregnant test strips, the more expensive the better, the price is mainly to sell expensive brands and packaging, cheap pregnancy test strip test results are accurate.


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