home pregnancy kit test strip precautions

home pregnancy kit test strip precautions
1, pay attention to the production date on the box, do not use the expired test card, because the chemical will take a long time will lapse.
2, pregnancy test paper is a one-time, it can not be re-used, when you determine the use of the package can be opened, and to be used within the validity of the test strips, if the test strips for early pregnancy stored in the damp places do not use it, be sure Note that stored in the normal greenhouse conditions.
3, pregnancy test paper is generally recommended for the first time in the morning urine test for pregnant women, the result is more accurate. But for women who have been pregnant for some time, urine at any time of the day can be used for testing.
home pregnancy kit company to remind you to reduce the chances of inaccurate test, go to the bathroom before going to the specific operation of the test card carefully read the instructions, and then be careful to follow the instructions to do.


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